Costco Might Cancel This New Customer Perk

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Costco has been giving its customers a lot to celebrate: the return of free samples, the reopening of its food courts, and even a new food court menu item to look forward to. However, the retailer just made an announcement about one of its 2021 perks that might put a stop to those celebrations.


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According to Eat This, Not That, during a recent Costco earnings call, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said that the brand might do away with its curbside pickup service. "The utilization has not set the world on fire in terms of where it's trending," he explained.

In March of this year, Costco began testing curbside pickup at three New Mexico locations. Though Galanti states that the company is still testing the service, it would seem that it's not performing as well as expected.


We imagine that curbside pickup wasn't a hit because more people were actually interested in the service when there wasn't a COVID-19 vaccine. Also, part of the fun of shopping at Costco is actually shopping inside Costco. Yet, curbside pickup is still a great offering we wouldn't refuse on days when we don't want to wander through Costco's aisles looking for new items to try.

In the end, we hope Costco keeps its curbside pickup service — or at least tests it in new locations.