This Tiktok Stove Cleaning Tip Is Freaking People Out

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Information sharing is one of the most popular things on TikTok right now and user @taira.goy dropped some knowledge that has people questioning whether they ​really​ know everything about their kitchen appliances.


Video of the Day

In the video, Taira shows how you can lift your stovetop and prop it open to clean underneath — just like the hood of a car, as Taira explains.

Turns out not everyone knew they could do that. TikTok users, naturally, starting going to their own stoves to see if it worked for them.

"I can't keep learning things like this," user @shirk_media said in a video that stitches together the original TikTok with a new video capturing the user's shocking realization. That video has 1.2M likes so far, so it seems lots of people feel the same way.

But as Yahoo! Sports mentions, it's important to pay attention to the type of stove you have (gas versus electric) before you start lifting anything. There are a few other precautions — like shutting off the gas supply — that you might want to take first, too. Also, make sure the top is firmly back in its place after you're done.

Time to get cleaning?


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