Costco Just Brought Back an Infamous Food Court Topping

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Costco has been on a roll lately. In addition to bringing back multiple food court items along with a few new ones, the retailer's infamous "onion crank" has returned.


According to Reddit user @Pharr0utt, Costco brought back its condiment station for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Of course, people are especially excited about the onion crank, which is a device that allows you to crank freshly sliced onions onto your hot dog or other food of choice.

Here's an oddly satisfying video that demonstrates the power of the crank:

However, it's important to note that this might not be the case at every Costco location. According to the brand's COVID Updates page, store visitors should still ask food court employees for available condiments, but Costco is planning to bring back indoor seating and free samples by the end of June. Perhaps the condiment station reopenings will follow the same timeline?

Ultimately, all we have to say is: The onion crank is back and nature is healing.

h/t Eat This, Not That!


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