Disney World Released a Brand New Type of Dole Whip

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Disney World released a new type of Dole Whip. We repeat: Disney World released a new type of Dole Whip. This is not a drill.


Video of the Day

On the @disneyparks TikTok, it was announced that Marketplace Snacks at Disney Springs will now have watermelon-flavored pink Dole Whip that will be served in the center of a watermelon slice. Oh, and it will also be topped with chocolate chips! Delicious!

According to the TikTok's description, this treat is called the "Dole Whip Watermelon in a Wedge." It is currently available now and will be until September 6. So if you've been dreaming of returning to Disney World, you might want to book a trip this summer season.

However, if you won't be able to make it to Disney World, perhaps you could try making your own watermelon Dole Whip using this recipe as a foundation. This would certainly make for a fun summer experiment.

h/t Totally The Bomb