This Airbnb Restriction Isn't Going Anywhere Yet

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With indoor dining, theme parks, and sporting events opening up again, it might seem like travel and entertainment are inching closer to how we remember them in pre-pandemic times. But there are still plenty of factors to keep in mind when planning your summer. And today, Airbnb announced one more consideration.


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The company has extended its global ban on parties, which started in August 2020, to ​at least​ the end of summer this year. The restriction means Airbnb guests aren't allowed to have gatherings that exceed 16 people. This includes both people actually staying at the space, and anyone who might be visiting as a guest. (Pro tip: Many Airbnb listings now have clear rules on visitors, so always check those, too).


Previously, you could search for listings labeled "event-friendly," but that option won't be available through summer 2021 — and maybe longer. The restrictions are in place until further notice.

"This policy has proven to be popular with our Host community – the vast majority of whom already prohibited parties in their own House Rules," Airbnb said in a statement.

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