This Brand's New Packaging Proves You've Been Storing Ice Cream the Wrong Way

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In order to get the most out of your ice cream, did you know that it should be stored upside down? That's exactly why Whipped Urban Dessert Lab, a brand founded by sisters Courtney Balgrove and Zan B.R., launched its new Oate Ice Crème with flipped packaging.


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"When you store ice crème tubs upside-down in your freezer, it allows the partially melted sections of the container to collect onto the lid," reads the brand's press release. "This not only prevents ice crystals and freezer burn from the surface of your ice crème, but is one of the easiest tricks to protect the flavor and texture of your delicious treat."


Based on the design of Whipped Urban Dessert Lab's new collection, you can easily remember to store your ice cream upside down. Now, can other ice cream companies please follow suit?

In addition to its clever packaging, the 100% vegan, plant-based Oate Ice Crème line also features the following tasty flavors: Blush Cake (vanilla cake with a strawberries and crème base), PB Chocolate, Cocoa Hazelnut, Cookies & Crème 2.0 (it contains fudge cookie pieces!), and Malted Espresso.

To try the flipped packaging for yourself, you can place an order on Goldbelly. Or, you can pay the brand's storefront a visit in Manhattan.