We're Checking All Our Airbnbs for This Hidden Phone Charger Camera

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It's easy to get lost down a TikTok rabbit hole, but sometimes we learn interesting tidbits. Like, say, the fact that there's a type of phone charger out there that also has a hidden camera.


User @mik.zenon shares Amazon products you might, or might not, need and one of them is making us do a double take. The black phone charger looks like your average device but then @mik.zenon shows us how it actually houses a little hidden camera. You can get a feed straight to your phone; it even uses night vision for darker times of the day. And there's a motion sensor notification to let you know when something nearby moves (like your pooch).

Turns out you can find quite a few of these online, like this one that retails for $28.99. You can even insert an SD card to record the feed. And, yes, it does actually charge your phone at the same time.

This is all pretty cool, we ​guess​, except now we're more likely to check our next Airbnb for any hidden cams. The more you know?

h/t PopSugar


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