Costco Just Brought Back a Cult-Favorite Bakery Item

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There are many cult-favorite items at Costco, but when it comes to a certain bakery treat, shoppers truly can't get enough. We're talking about the strawberry-filled croissants, which just made a Costco comeback for the spring and summer seasons.


According to @costcobuys on Instagram, Costco Bakery is selling a six-count container of the strawberry jam croissants for $7.99. "These are amazing," writes one commenter on Reddit. "Try throwing 'em in the microwave for about a few seconds, warning: is addictive." We don't doubt it.

If your Costco location doesn't have these strawberry beauties in stock, many people report that the strawberry filling tastes just like the Kirkland strawberry jam. So if you're in a pinch, you could always buy plain croissants and spread the jam on them.

Honestly, we're loving Costco's take on a filled croissant with a springtime twist, and we're glad the store brought this item back. Now, here's hoping we can get our hands on them!

h/t Eat This, Not That!


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