Mind Blown: That's Not How You Pronounce "IKEA"

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While watching the ad for IKEA UK's new "Change a bit for good" campaign, we had our minds blown. At the 56-second mark in the video, the narrator pronounces IKEA like we've never pronounced it before. They say, "Ee-kay-uh," whereas we've always said, "Eye-kee-ah." Which one is correct?!


Turns out, we're the ones who are in the wrong. An IKEA representative told Today that English speakers have actually been saying the store's name incorrectly. Since IKEA is a Swedish brand, it goes by the Swedish pronunciation of the name, which is "ee-kay-uh."

However, it's not entirely our fault. In an Improve Your Accent video, British accent coach Luke Nicholson points out that IKEA USA ads say, "Eye-kee-ah." United Kingdom ads like the one we initially mentioned instead use the Swedish pronunciation, but many Brits still pronounce the name like us Americans.


Heck — even IKEA's previous CEO, Peter Agnefjall, pronounces the name differently depending on who he's talking to, according to Nicholson's video. So really, it's not our fault!

Going forward, we're going to try to pronounce IKEA the way it was intended ... but we're definitely going to have trouble getting used to it.


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