This Egg Hack Guarantees a Heavenly Sunny-Side Up Egg

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Is there anything better than a beautifully prepared sunny-side up egg? Our stomachs are growling just thinking about it. To help you achieve this beautiful sight at home, we found the perfect sunny-side up egg hack.


Video of the Day

In a video posted by @chefchrischo, he shows viewers the secret to making a sunny-side up egg that looks like it belongs in a commercial. First, you'll want to make sure your pan isn't too hot or too cold. If it's too hot, your egg will start bubbling up on the edges. If it's too cold, the egg will run and cook all over the pan.


To make the perfect sunny-side up egg, you'll want to get a nonstick pan, place it over medium-low heat, add a little bit of oil, and place a drop of water in the pan to test the heat. If the water immediately starts bubbling and splattering, the pan is too hot and you'll want to lower the heat.

Once you have the right temperature, crack your egg into a separate container and remove any shell bits you see. Gently place the egg in the pan and patiently wait until it reaches your desired consistency. That's it! Now, you have an Instagram-worthy breakfast.

If there's one thing we learned from this sunny-side up egg hack, it's that the right temperature is key.