This New Indoor Planter Will Turn Any Surface Into a Magical Mini Forest

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If spending a majority of our time at home this past year has taught us one thing, it's that whimsicality, enchanting objects, and happiness-inducing spaces are important. While browsing through Kickstarter, we were reminded of that very fact when we came across LeGrow, a modular indoor planter that looks like a magical forest.


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Inspired by his daughter's LEGO set, Haobin Lin successfully launched the first iteration of LeGrow on Kickstarter in 2017. And in April 2021, Lin released an updated version of LeGrow — also on Kickstarter — with a $40k goal. It has since received triple that amount in funding from backers.

Once you take a look at the LeGrow, you'll see why people want the project to come to life. The product essentially looks like an enchanting mini forest complete with a bluetooth speaker, LED grow lamps, a humidifier, vertical planters, a moss planter, and a self-watering tray. It is the ultimate indoor gardening creation.


After building your very own LeGrow setup, you only have to fill the self-watering tray every seven to 15 days. That makes it easy to maintain. You can even fill the planters with herbs and veggies, making it perfect for a kitchen space.

If you back the LeGrow project now — prices range from $69 to $398 for the new system and $99 for a system upgrade — you can expect to receive your very own LeGrow in October 2021. For more information, you can visit the product's Kickstarter page here.