This TikTok Air Conditioner Hack Can Help People With Allergies

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Temporarily neglecting to clean a certain part of your home can be harmless ... unless you do so for a long time. This is the case with an air conditioner, according to TikTok user @classyaustin's latest video.


Video of the Day

In their enlightening TikTok, @classyaustin shows what happens when people forget or don't realize that their air conditioner has a filter. When you neglect to clean said filter, a ton of dust and yucky pollutants build up on it, causing it to become less effective at filtering your air. As you can imagine, this is not ideal for people with allergies and it can cause you to feel sick.


Fortunately, @classyaustin's video shows viewers exactly how to clean an A/C filter. If the buildup isn't too bad, you can easily vacuum all the gunk off of your filter. If, however, the mess is more severe, you might need to vacuum ​and then​ clean your filter with dish soap and a sponge. Afterward, what you'll have is a satisfyingly clean filter that's more effective.

If you're unable to locate your filter or are in doubt about the process, always refer back to your air conditioner's manual.

Now, you can breathe easy (literally).