This Clever Hack Will Save You From Washing Your Blender

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We just learned a TikTok hack that will forever change how we blend our favorite drinks. According to user @thebodegabites, you can attach your blender's blade to a mason jar so that you don't have to deal with transferring your drink and more cleanup.


All you have to do is unscrew the base of your blender, carefully remove the blade, attach the blade to the mason jar, and screw on the base. Then, you can attach the mason jar to the blender to make any drink of your choice.

Video of the Day

In another video, @thebodegabites mentions that she's using a Hamilton Beach blender she picked up at a thrift store. She also only blends using canning mason jars, since they are more durable. Instead of ice, @thebodegabites uses frozen fruit and throughout the blending process, she will slowly add fruit juice to help release any built-up pressure.


According to food and DIY blog Life at Cloverhill, when it comes to safety, you'll want to ensure that you are using real mason jars — to prevent breakage. You'll also want to avoid blending hot liquids, which can cause pressure to build up and the jar to explode. Lastly, ensure that the rubber seal on your blender is in working condition to prevent any leakage.

Thanks to TikTok, we now have another hack that will make our kitchen experience so much better.