Here's What's in President Joe Biden's Fridge

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When it comes to A-listers, from movie stars to politicians, hardly anything is kept a secret — including dietary preferences. For instance, we know that Betty White loves vodka and hot dogs, and Queen Elizabeth loves gin and chocolate biscuit cake. As for President Joe Biden? Well, he's more of an orange Gatorade and chocolate chip ice cream kind of guy.


Earlier this week, the New York Times​ published a profile on our commander-in-chief's habits, from heatedly discussing policy issues with his advisors to what food he stocks in his fridge. On that second point, it turns out Mr. President isn't all that different from the rest of us.

According to the article, when Biden was Vice President, he asked staff to keep "vanilla chocolate chip Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Special K cereal, one bunch of red grapes, sliced cheese, six eggs, sliced bread, one tomato from the garden, and at least two apples on hand at all times." As for a drink? He prefers orange Gatorade to alcohol, rarely imbibing.

These days, for dinner at the White House, the ​New York Times​ says the President enjoys a classic — pasta with red sauce. The First Lady Dr. Jill Biden enjoys staples like fish or grilled chicken.

Time to go re-stock our own fridges.


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