IKEA Wants to Make You a 'Renocation' Pinterest Board

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If you spend plenty of hours on Pinterest planning out your next mini room makeover, you're not alone. To make things a little easier — and up the relaxation factor in your space – IKEA has released a special quiz that's tied to the social media platform.


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The Swedish retailer launched a quiz through Pinterest today that's all about imagining yourself on vacation, while bringing those vibes to your home. The IKEA Renocations (renovation + vacation) quiz then gives users a Pinterest board with product recommendations and inspo.

I took the quiz and answered that I'd love to be on the beach reading — and that I usually like getting lost in a good page-turner while relaxing in my bedroom. The quiz gave me a Pinterest board with recommendations for Symfonisk speakers — some of which can be used as small shelves or night stands for books — Trådfri colored lights, and the Förnuftig air purifier.


At the time of writing, some of the links led to product pages and others to general inspo pages on IKEA's website. The quiz is only three questions long, so it's at least a fun way to envision yourself somewhere else — before diving into decor picks.