Costco Is Now Selling an Unusual Strawberry Plant That Will Likely Sell Out Soon

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We have another Costco hidden gem you're going to want to grab ASAP. According to an Instagram post on @costcodeals, the retailer is now selling Hula Berry white strawberries that taste like ... pineapples.


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Also known as pineberries, this hybrid fruit can be purchased in a planter for $17.99 at Costco. Based on what the item's tag says, the planter comes with three Hula Berry plants and one red strawberry plant, which helps produce pollen for the former.

According to Hula Berry, this plant's season runs from May to July and it bears fruit in June. If you choose to plant your pineberries, you'll want to place them in a well-ventilated, sunny area where bees can easily access them. To help with pollination, make sure that your three Hula Berry plants and one red strawberry plant are within 12 inches of each other.

Aside from being a unique, tasty treat, this plant is also a great conversation starter.

h/t Totally The Bomb