A Woman Found a Creepy Abandoned Mall in Her Airbnb's Basement

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Staying in an Airbnb is supposed to be a relaxing, non-frightening experience, right? Well, for TikTok user @claire.scheulin, that wasn't exactly the case.


Video of the Day

When exploring her Airbnb, @claire.scheulin happened upon a creepy abandoned mall in the basement. Yes, you read that correctly. "POV: Your Airbnb has an abandoned mall in the basement," reads the clip, which is straight out of a horror movie.

In a response to the post, user @whomjosh states that he stayed at the same Airbnb. However, he adds that there was actually an operating cafe in the mall where people would gather. This is then confirmed in another video shared by @claire.scheulin.


According to Yahoo News, many commenters stated that this condominium Airbnb is likely above the closed-down Oceanwalk Mall in Hollywood Beach, Florida. This seems to be correct, based on the Airbnb listing — which oddly doesn't mention the run-down mall basement, but shows a photo of the entrance — @claire.scheulin shared in her bio.

Now, if you want your next vacation to feature an abandoned mall, you know where to look.


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