IKEA's New Menu Item Is the Definition of Summer

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If you love visiting IKEA as much for the food as the affordable decor, we've got quite a treat (pun intended) for you. The Swedish retailer has added a new offering to the menu. You can now find a Lingonberry Pulled Pork Sandwich at the IKEA Restaurant.


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Yes, you read that correctly. The sweet-yet-tart lingonberry berries are being combined with a "vinegar based BBQ sauce," as the retailer describes it, to create a magical sandwich. In other words, it's a "classic American favorite with a Swedish twist."

It all comes in a brioche bun, with some mac and cheese on the side. And the best part: It only costs $4.99. Just be sure to check here to see if the IKEA near you is open during its regular hours, which can be impacted due to COVID-19. Stay safe and enjoy!


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