The "Carden" Trend Is Not Okay

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When we came across the "carden" or "cardening" trend, we couldn't contain our collective horror. Essentially, the trend has people creating gardens in their car, which is an awful idea for so many reasons.


First of all, safety! Driving around with plants, rocks, and dirt in your moving car is a recipe for disaster — especially if you get into an accident. A lot of people appear to be putting their cardens on their dashboard and in the glove compartment, so if the air bags go off, your cardens will spray everywhere. No one wants a cactus launching onto their body or dirt spraying in their eyes.

Secondly, this isn't an ideal environment for your plants — even hardy, heat-loving ones like cacti. Plants need water and a proper drainage system. Even if you do water your plants in the car, that can cause the interior to become moist and humid, leading to rust and mold.

Just imagine your poor plants trying to adapt to the changing weather and temperature when you're on the move. Plus, when temperatures rise and your car turns into a hot box, your plants are not going to be happy. No living things should be left inside a hot car.

Even if you're simply placing your plants in the cup holder, that still spells danger. They could spill everywhere, causing a distraction while you're driving. Also, what happens if you forget your cactus is there and go to reach for your coffee or rest your hand?

This is one trend we can't support, cute or not. It's not good for you, your plants, or your car.


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