Bread Tie Colors Actually Have Secret Meanings

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Today is the day we learned that bread ties actually have secret meanings. Who would have thought?


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According to Insider, the different tag and tie colors display which day of the week the bread was baked on. Both Wednesday and Sunday tend to be excluded, though, since distributors use a five-day delivery schedule (bread makers need breaks, too!).

Here's what the different colors mean:


  • Monday = blue
  • Tuesday = green
  • Thursday = red
  • Friday = white
  • Saturday = yellow

In addition to telling consumers when the bread was baked, these ties also allow employees to know when bread loaves are stale and need to be replaced.

Since the colors are in alphabetical order, that makes it easier for everyone to remember. However, because every grocery store is different, you'll still want to check the expiration date just to be safe.

Now, we're off to write a new book called ​The Secret Language of Bread Ties.