The 4 Most Surprising Google Home Trend Searches in 2021

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Google just announced the top home trends people have been searching for in 2021, and honestly, some completely took us by surprise. Others have left us inspired to rethink how we want to decorate our homes in the future. Let's discuss.


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First up on our list of surprising finds is the fact that the third most-searched kitchen cabinet color is blue. Not even "navy blue," which is the most common hue we've seen on cabinets — just "blue." This has us feeling curious. If anyone is painting their cabinets sky blue or cornflower blue, we want to see how they're making it work in their kitchens.

In terms of removable wallpaper searches, we were surprised to see that "white beadboard" came in at number three, after "floral" and "black line art." Beadboard refers to a wall paneling that features small grooves (aka beads) between each plank. Considering that beadboard-inspired wallpaper is fairly plain compared to other wallpaper styles, we were surprised to see it on the list.


Now, when it comes to the most-searched front door color, we're feeling inspired. The number-one spot belongs to "black front door," which can make a house sell for $6,271 more than planned, according to Zillow's 2018 Paint Color Analysis. We're off to buy some black paint!

Last, but not least, we had to do a double-take when we saw that "sunken living room" is the fourth most-searched living room style of 2021. Also known as a conversation pit, this type of living room was popular during the '60s and '70s. We've seen a few recents pics of these living rooms on Instagram, but had no idea they were making this much of a comeback.

So, which Google search trend has you rethinking your home decor?


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