Is Your Fave Veggie Also the Most Popular in Your State?

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We can always use a reminder to eat more veggies, and it turns out that we all have our preferences for the best one out there.


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EatingWellrecently analyzed "the most searched vegetables in every state" to see what eaters across America like to add to their plates. For starters, the search looked at everything but potatoes and tomatoes — since those are the most popular across the board.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "49.4 pounds of potatoes per person and 31.4 pounds of tomatoes per person were available for consumption" in 2019, which means we are ​very​ interested in these two veggies. That same year, Green Giant conducted a survey that found people loved broccoli the most in 39 states. While these are certainly kitchen staples, there are lots of other options out there.

So which veggies are near and dear to our hearts? According to ​EatingWell,​ California and New York love garlic; Florida prefers spinach; Hawaii can't get enough pumpkin; and quite a few states enjoy summer squash. There's something for everyone to love.

Check out the full list here.