Costco Changed One of Its Most Popular Food Court Items

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Now that Costco's food courts are opening back up, you might notice a few differences when it comes to the store's offerings. Namely, Eat This, Not That reports that Costco's churros are back, but the item has undergone a bit of a transformation.


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Instead of costing $1, the Costco Twisted Churro now costs $1.49 — and that's because the churro is bigger than it was before. That means more twists, cinnamon, and sugar for hungry Costco shoppers. (This is a pandemic change we can 100% get behind.)

According to Costco's COVID Updates page, their food courts are still operating under a limited menu. Based on local health guidelines, takeout and seating may also be available at certain locations. With this in mind, your particular location might not have churros available just yet (so call before you stop by for the sweet snack).

Did anyone else just add a Costco trip to their weekend plans?