This Cheat Sheet Helps You Pick the Perfect Watermelon

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You probably know the feeling. You're standing in front of a pile of gorgeous watermelons wondering, "how the ​heck​ do I figure out which one I should take home?" Thankfully, the internet has many answers to life's problems — including this one.


Video of the Day

We recently came across a clever illustration from Eagle Eye Produce that offers some super helpful tips for watermelon lovers. Basically, in order to find a ripe watermelon, you'll need look at the shape and markings of the fruit.

The illustration suggests that a "dark and dull" watermelon is ripe. And if you see one with an "orange field spot," that one is actually packed with flavor. The best things to look for are larger "webbing" — the brown, web-like spots on the surface — and a darker color that isn't shiny. The sweetest ones, according to the graphic, will also be a uniform size.

We're bookmarking this for our next grocery shopping trip.


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