This Fake House Exterior Conceals a Hidden Airbnb Gem

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We love discovering hidden gems in the form of houses we can actually stay in, and our latest find comes straight from TikTok. Thanks to user @eyeetee, we know exactly where we're going to stay next time we find ourselves in Atlanta.


Video of the Day

When you first come across the residence, what you'll see is an ordinary craftsman home with a front porch. However, once you open the front door, you'll instantly find yourself inside a garden courtyard with a waterfall, a small pond with actual fish, a fire pit, and twinkling lights.

Though courtyard homes aren't anything new, you wouldn't guess that this home has a roomy inner garden based on the exterior. As people in the comments mentioned, you'll typically see courtyards in Spanish Colonial-style homes. So this particular find is truly a hidden gem.

In another video, @eyeetee reveals that you can actually stay in the secret courtyard home through Airbnb. It's called "The Secret Garden In the City" and costs $99 per night.

We're adding this to our bucket list of Airbnb stays.