Herman Miller Is Reissuing This Iconic 1970s Furniture Item

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Retro-chic is all the rage this year, and furniture giant Herman Miller is jumping on board the train. Today, it has officially reissued a cult-favorite seating design from the 1970s — the iconic "chiclet."


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Officially called the Wilkes Modular Sofa Group, named for its designer Ray Wilkes, the collection of two- and three-seat sofas and a chair earned its moniker from its resemblance to the colorful, candy-coated chewing gum popular throughout the 20th century. In order to create that unique shape, Wilkes used a then-new injection foam molding, a process that left very little waste.


Though the chiclet furniture line was discontinued in 1986, it's remained a favorite among present day collectors. But now savvy furniture lovers can buy the sofas new — today's iteration of the chiclet set has kept the iconic silhouette intact, and it comes in even more color options than the original set.

All three pieces of furniture are now available on Herman Miller's website. The chair starts at $2,295, while the two- and three-seat sofas start at $2,895 and $3,495, respectively.