These Were Kate Middleton's 'Very Specific' Requests for Her Royal Wedding Cake

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It might feel like we know all the details surrounding royal weddings, but there's a lot of behind-the-scenes information we're completely unaware of. That would explain why we were surprised to learn that Kate Middleton actually had a list of specific requests for her and Prince William's wedding cake, according to the baker who created it.


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"She was very specific," Fiona Cairns, the baker who created The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding cake, told ​People​. "The theme of the wedding was to be very classical, very imaginative, and stylish. Where William and Kate's cake broke with tradition was that she made it very clear she didn't want a cake as tall as some of the previous royal wedding cakes." But wait, there's more.


Middleton also wanted her cake to contain fruit, have a "softer" icing, multiple layers, no gold or glitter, and no color. In addition, it had to include 17 different U.K. flowers that Middleton selected and the architectural details that could be seen in Buckingham Palace's Picture Gallery, which is where the cake was displayed.

What resulted from the "very stressful" task was a traditional fruitcake featuring eight layers, 900 floral and leaf accents, a completely white palette, and the couple's cipher at the top. "There was a lot to work out!" Cairns told ​People​.


However, it would seem that all the effort and secrecy was worth it in the end because Middleton and Prince William have been able to serve pieces of their wedding cake at all three of their kids' christenings. Talk about a long-lasting wedding memento.


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