Coolhaus's New 'Currency Cake' Ice Cream Is on a Tasty Mission

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Your new favorite ice cream flavor just hit the market. Created by the women-owned Coolhaus and Black Girl Ventures (BGV) — a foundation that supports Black and Brown founders who identify as women — Currency Cake is the first pint of ice cream that funds the next generation of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs. It features carrot cake batter ice cream, a cream cheese frosting swirl, and candied pecans. YUM.


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"With only 0.27% of Black women receiving venture capital, many founders rely on fundraising through family and friends, grants, and crowdfunding, which tend to cover operations and product development," reads Coolhaus's press release. "However, a key component to a successful business that many of BGV's own entrepreneurs want help on is marketing. Currency Cake ice cream is here to move that dial."


All proceeds from Currently Cake will specifically go toward supporting business owners' design, intellectual property (IP), and marketing needs.

To support Currency Cake's mission, you can order the flavor for $12 on the Coolhaus website. It is also available at the Coolhaus flagship store in Culver City, California, and through delivery services like Doordash, Postmates, and Uber Eats.

For more information about how you can support Black Girl Ventures, click here.