If You Despise Cilantro, Try This Expert Food Hack

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If you're looking for the most divisive food in the world, look no further than cilantro. Either you absolutely love it or despise it with all your might. However, thanks to celebrity cook Nigella Lawson, cilantro haters may no longer have to avoid recipes containing the herb.

For a "recipe of the day" post on Instagram, Lawson shared a photo of her recipe for lime and coriander chicken (internationally, coriander is what people say when referring to cilantro leaves). In her description, she included a special note for people who hate coriander/cilantro: "I suggest you use a mixture of fresh mint and dill instead."

In other words, if you can't stand cilantro, Lawson recommends replacing the herb with mint and dill.

So next time you see a recipe that calls for cilantro, you don't have to pass over it. Simply consider using mint and dill in its place, or get creative with other herbs you enjoy.

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