This Surprising Seasoning Has Been in High Demand During the Pandemic

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What essentials do you keep close when you're cooking? Apparently, lots of us know the value of the staple that is Old Bay.

According to ​Yahoo! Finance​, home chefs were buying it up during the pandemic. McCormick Chairman and CEO Lawrence Kurzius told the publication that people couldn't seem to get enough of it. The demand increased significantly, so much so that the company had to add new hires and resources.

Our grocery shopping habits have definitely changed since we've been spending more time at home. A recent Instacart study reported that in 2020, some of the most searched-for keywords included "yeast" and "flour." Canned and pre-mixed cocktails were also all the rage.

But there's also been the added effect of shortages. Boba, for example, is about to experience a shortage which the Los Angeles Times​ reports has a lot to do with our online shopping habits.

Kurzius says the demand for McCormick's products is still strong, so if count yourself lucky if you've still got some Old Bay at home.

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