Recess's New Mood-Boosting Blend Is the Stress-Reliever We've Been Waiting For

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Sparkling water brand Recess is switching it up from its usual CBD-infused lineup with a brand new blend called Recess Mood. The mood-lifting formula features magnesium and adaptogens with all the calming effects Recess has to offer, minus the CBD.


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Recess Mood is available in two formats — sparkling water and powder — each made with relaxing ingredients to help you kick stress to the curb. Recess Mood sparkling water is packaged in Recess's signature dreamy cans with only five grams of natural sugar from fruit, less than 20 calories, and a soothing blend of magnesium, ginseng, L-theanine, lemon balm, and active B6. You can get Recess Mood sparkling water in black cherry, blood orange, peach ginger, and strawberry rose starting at $35, in either eight-pack samplers or 12-pack single flavors.


Recess Mood Powder is a hydrating version of the functional blend featuring magnesium, passionflower, L-theanine, electrolytes, and active B6. With zero calories and no added sugar, you can get all the benefits of Recess Mood on the go in stick packs or in a little over 6.2-ounce tub. Starting at $14.99, you can get Recess Mood Powder in six-pack samplers, 10-pack individual flavors, and single-flavor tubs in unflavored, gradient berry, or lemon citrus.


Check out the Recess Mood line below.

Recess Mood Sparkling Water, starting at $35

Recess Mood Powder, starting at $14.99



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