This TikTok Hack Prevents Liquid Products From Spilling Everywhere While You're Moving

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Moving is stressful enough as it is, so the last thing you need is all your liquid products spilling everywhere when you're in the process of switching homes. This can be especially painful if you like to treat yourself to luxury skin care and body products. Fortunately, there is a TikTok hack to prevent those items from going down the drain (literally).


Video of the Day

User @paigemmore recently filmed an extremely helpful video featuring several moving hacks, but one in particular caught our eye. All you need is your liquid products and a plastic bag. Simply unscrew the caps off your products, place the bag over the opening, and screw the cap back on over the plastic bag.

The plastic bag provides an extra layer of protection while being sealed with the product cap. Also, if anything does happen to your products, the plastic bag will catch any potential spillage.

To make this hack as eco-friendly as possible, you can save the plastic bags for the next time you travel or move. You could even give them a quick wash and reuse them for other purposes after you're done moving.

Thankfully, we now have one less thing to worry about next time we're in the midst of moving chaos.