Airbnb Is Now Offering Virtual Experiences for Neurodiverse Guests

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Airbnb is working to make its platform as inclusive as possible, which is why the company is now highlighting experiences specifically for neurodiverse guests. According to Understood, neurodiversity is the perspective that learning and thinking differences – such as autism and ADHD — are normal. They are differences, not deficients.


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Airbnb has specifically chosen 12 online experiences that were designed to be inclusive by experts in the neurodiverse community. This includes a trip to Los Angeles for a skateboarding lesson, interactive music lessons, a California-based painting lesson, and a soccer lesson from a host in the United Kingdom.

Some of these online experiences were also created to help participants cope with the stress of the pandemic. For instance, guests can visit a herd of therapy llamas in Portland or participate in meditation for anxiety management.


Here is a list of the 12 online offerings:


So that more people will be able to enjoy these experiences, Airbnb is offering $15 off these bookings through May 1, 2021, with the code EXPLORE. The company is also providing coupon codes to organizations working to support the neurodiverse community, including The Institute for Effective Education, SeeAbility, The Tower Project, and Disability Sports Coach.

To book one of these inclusive online events for yourself, go to and look for the "Inclusive Exploration" section.

h/t Apartment Therapy


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