This French Press Hack Makes Your Coffee Look Like a Barista Made It

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French press owners, we're about to make you fall even more in love with your coffee-making device. That's because you can actually use your French press for more than preparing your morning brew. You can also use it to top off your beverages with a dollop of frothy milk foam.


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Java Presse reports that you only need these three items to froth milk: milk, a French press, and a heating method. For a standard press, fill three-quarters of your mug with milk. Microwave the milk for 35-45 seconds or heat it up on the stovetop. Pour the hot milk into the French press, attach the lid, and then quickly raise and lower the mesh filter until the foam doubles in size.


Once your milk is beautifully frothed, simply place it on top of your drink. To add a little something extra, sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa on top.

If you'd like to froth an alternative milk, ​Cook's Illustrated​ says this is possible. However, you have to make sure that the alternative milk contains gellan: a food additive that thickens thin liquids.

Congrats! You're now that much closer to being an at-home barista.