You Can Wear This IKEA Pillow On Your Next Camping Trip

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It's a pillow, it's a blanket, it's a Snuggie! Take your pick when it comes to this new IKEA release: the Fältmal pillow/quilt.


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On first glance, the nylon, deep green pillow — with bright orange details — looks like your average cushion. But thanks to sleeves and a button fastener, you can instantly turn it into a wearable quilt.

Just look how relaxed this person seems in the puffy outfit.


IKEA says the product is "intended for temporary outdoor use only." And just a heads up if you do take it camping with you — it's not designed to withstand rain, according to the retailer.

When you're done wearing it, you can just stuff it back into its original shape. There's even a netted pocket on the other side, so you can store smaller items. How's that for a multipurpose decor item?

Buy it now​: Fältmal pillow/quilt, $34.99