This Is the Color of Your Birthday, According to a Japanese Color Chart

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We'd be lying if we said we didn't love learning more about our personalities. So when DesignTAXI alerted us to a Japanese chart that connects every birthday with a specific color and personality, we were immediately invested.


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The chart has all 366 birthdays (including February 29 for leap years) and connects each with a specific color, HEX code, personality description, and color keywords. For instance, if you were born on August 30, your color would be ultramarine and your keywords would be: motherhood, music, and elegance. Your personality is described as: "A person who plays a melody that touches the heartstrings."

According to DesignTAXI, the chart's color meanings appear to be in line with color theory. However, if you aren't able to read in Japanese, you'll have to translate the page into another language. The English translation can be found here, which will have some mistranslated words (the meanings should still be pretty clear, though).

So, do you feel like your birthday color is accurate?