I Tried Parachute's New Linen Loungewear and Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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If you've spent the entirety of the pandemic wearing normal clothes, well, I applaud you. But like many people out there, I've been living in loungewear for the past 12 months. And with Parachute's new linen loungewear line, which debuted today, it's likely that I'll keep on dressing casually for the foreseeable future!


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Comprising two tops, two bottoms, and a sleep shirt for women, plus a unisex robe, the collection embodies Parachute's classic California style. I tested the linen top and linen pants in clay (they also come in bone and coal), and it's safe to say I'm hooked. (Note: Parachute sent me samples, but that didn't influence my honest review.)

Parachute has already nailed linen as a material with its bedding lines, so it should come as little surprise that the brand has done linen loungewear right, too.

For me, the linen is the perfect medium weight, not so thin that it's see-through and not so thick that it's too warm. The pieces are pre-washed, so they're super soft right off the bat. And as you wash and wear them, they'll continue to get even softer — what more could you ask from loungewear?

But there are two things to keep in mind when it comes to Parachute's linen loungewear. First, like all linen products, they do crinkle up as you wear (or sleep in) them. It's just part of the material's casual-cool look. But if you're averse to wrinkles, linen clothing probably isn't for you. Second, this loungewear is definitely oversized! I could probably afford to go down a size and still have plenty of room for a loose fit — which is exactly what I'll do when I order the rest of the collection.

Ready to purchase your own set of Parachute linen loungewear? Shop the collection below.


1. Women's Linen Tank, $49

2. Women's Linen Top, $74

3. Women's Linen Sleep Shirt, $99

4. Women's Linen Pant, $74

5. Women's Linen Short, $49

6. Unisex Linen Robe, $99