This Is Where Americans Want to Travel in the Spring, According to Airbnb

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Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

As of right now, President Biden is planning for all Americans to be vaccinated by May 1 so that the nation can return to normal by July 4. (Yes, that's Independence Day, which will surely take on a whole new meaning this year.) Needless to say, Airbnb is excited by this news, so they compiled search data to reveal where Americans are dreaming of safely traveling this spring and summer.


Video of the Day

The top ten spring/summer 2021 destinations Airbnb came up with demonstrate a desire to embrace the outdoors. Take a look:

  1. Southern Maine
  2. Cape May, NJ
  3. Round Top, TX
  4. Lake Powell, AZ
  5. Cape San Blas, FL
  6. Orderville, UT
  7. Mammoth Cave, KY
  8. Kitty Hawk, NC
  9. Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  10. Whitefish, MT


In addition to sorting out search data, Airbnb also conducted a survey. With the latter, they discovered that 84% of participants are interested in exploring unique lodgings such as barns and treehouses. In fact, cabins are the #1 most wish-listed type of stay for 2021.

Searches for outdoor amenities are also spiking this year. When compared to 2020 data, balcony and patio searches have gone up 35 times, whereas interest in backyards and gardens has gone up eight times. As for barbecue area searches, they've gone up 19 times since last year.

Though it's fun to embrace our wanderlust and fantasize about future trips, it's equally as important to make sure we're doing so safely. If the time does come when we're able to freely travel again, make sure you follow both local and CDC guidelines.