Close Freezer Bags (Without Snack Clips) by Using This Clever TikTok Hack

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One of the scariest sights is an open bag of food in the pantry, fridge, or freezer. That's why snack clips were invented! But, what if you don't have a snack clip or even a rubber band on hand? There is, of course, a handy TikTok hack for that.


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Posted by @ketoincanada, the hack involves three simple steps. Start by cutting a v-shaped hole in the center of the top of the snack bag. Using the two flaps of material you just created on either side of the hole, tie them together. Now, you have a sealed bag — no snack clip needed.

While this hack will definitely work well with the food bags you store in the freezer, it might not be easy to execute with snack bags featuring a stiff material. However, we could also see this hack being useful for sealing cereal bags and other flexible forms of packaging.

According to @ketoincanada, this was a hack she happened upon that's now a standard part of her life. We have a feeling it will be the same for us.