Etsy's 2021 Home Decor Trends Are Both Wacky and Chic

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Just in time for spring cleaning redecorating season, online marketplace Etsy has released its 2021 home decor trends, and boy, are there some interesting discoveries.


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Etsy based its predictions on search data from the last three months compared to the same period the year prior. Here are the home decor trends that have already seen tremendous growth in 2021 and are expected to keep on keeping on throughout the rest of the year.


What do you get when you cross Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics? Japandi, a combination of rustic style and minimalism. Etsy saw searches for "Japanese decor" increase 172% and searches for "Scandinavian decor" increase 55%.


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If you're feeling nostalgic for '80s-style travertine, well, the material is back and better than ever. Searches for "travertine items" are up 211%, while searches for "travertine tables" are up 361%.


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Wavy, Squiggly, and Curvy Decor

Right angles are ​so​ 2020. This year, it's all about curves. Etsy saw a mind-boggling 28,236% increase in searches for "wavy candles," and a 5,296% increase in searches for wavy mirrors.


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The Home Sanctuary

Chances are you've been stuck in your home for the better part of the last year, which also means you've probably tried designing your own Zen-like space somewhere. Even as things open up, Etsy expects the trend of creating a home sanctuary to continue. Searches for the following spa-like home decor items are up, up, up.


  • Eucalyptus shower bundles: 7,466%
  • Bath caddies: 212%
  • Waffle towels: 120%
  • Olive trees: 269%
  • Faux olive trees: 896%

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Checkered Prints

Forget gingham or plaid — it's all about checkered prints in 2021. Etsy reports that "searches for checkered print items within the home and living category have jumped 889%."


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Mushroom Motifs

If you want to bring in nature-inspired elements into your home, but you ​also​ want to keep things groovy, why not utilize mushroom motifs? Etsy has seen a 371% increase in searches for "mushroom lamps" and a 902% increase in searches for "mushroom pillows and pillow cases."

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