These Features Helped Homes Sell for More During the Pandemic

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Throughout the pandemic, the real estate market has bounced all over the place. But now that we've just passed the one-year mark of lockdown, we have a ton of data to crunch to figure out some big trends — and that's exactly what real estate website Zillow has done.


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One of its recent studies has determined the 10 home features that correlate to higher home sale prices (though the site clearly states that they do not necessarily ​cause​ the value of your home to go up).

Rather unsurprisingly, eight of the 10 features relate to the kitchen or the bathroom — two spaces we've frequented quite a bit as we've stayed indoors during lockdown. The outliers were the phrase "modern farmhouse," which could technically apply to both kitchens and bathrooms, and "dog house" (which might make sense with more people getting dogs?).


Check out the full list of home features that sell for more below, along with the price premium (the percentage of homes with those features that sold for more than expected).

  1. Steam oven: 4.9%
  2. Curbless (shower): 3.6%
  3. Modern farmhouse: 3.6%
  4. Pizza oven 3.4%
  5. Heated floor; radiant heat: 3.2%
  6. New appliances: 3.2%
  7. Quartz: 3.2%
  8. Dog house: 3.2%
  9. Smart appliance: 3.0%
  10. Butcher block: 2.7%


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