These New IKEA Bags Are Stylish and Multifunctional

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If you're always interested in IKEA product releases, we're here to help. There are some items that might slip under the radar if you're not looking closely.


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For example, the retailer recently debuted a few stylish bags that you can use for everything from storage to desk accessories to grocery shopping. Scroll through some of our new faves below.

1. Plugghäst Storage Bag, $2.29

This pick comes in a playful pattern and with its own built-in label. It also fits right into the Kallax shelving unit.


2. Slukis Shopping Bag, $1.79

This shopping bag is actually made of the same material as the iconic IKEA bag — just with a cool pattern.


3. Nereby Bag, $6.99

This hemp and cotton bag works perfectly with the Nereby series which is all about decluttering your space. But we could totally see it working as a standalone accessory, too.


4. Plugghäst Bag, $4.49

Carry this bag by the handles or throw it over your back. It's got a zipper along the side too, making it easy to pack and unpack all your goodies.


5. Skynke Shopping Bag, $0.99

These bright and cheerful gems fold into a small square so you can take them anywhere.


6. Starttid Backpack, $12.99

You can fit a 14-inch computer in this stylish backpack — and it's available in a few colors, too.


7. Räckla Bag (Foldable), $5.99

This recycled polyester bag includes a smaller replica inside to store all your loose objects. When you're done, you can fold the larger bag into it.

8. Slukis Shopping Bag (Large), $1.99

If you need an even larger option for all those groceries, this find will come in handy.