People Are Freaking Out Over This TikTok Apartment Mystery

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Today in strange stories about apartments, it turns out that one New York City renter had a lot to discover about her space.


Video of the Day

TikTok user Samantha Hartsoe took viewers on a journey that had all sorts of twists and turns. She wanted to find out why there was a cold wind coming into her bathroom. And it led her to, of all place, the mirror.

She realizes the mirror is actually removable and when she removes it — she can peek into another room.


She can hardly believe it, so she asks her friends (neighbors?) to stand watch as she tries to fit herself into the large hole behind her mirror. She puts on a mask and takes a hammer with her — you know, just in case — and attaches a flashlight to her head.

She feels a pipe on the other side and then makes it over, giving us a view of the other side — which is a mirror image of her bathroom.


As she walks to the other side, there are trash bags and other objects strewn about and that's when she realizes — it's an entire apartment. She makes it out through the front door.

Twitter users were quick to point out that the TikTok videos are similar to the plot of the movie ​Candyman​ which is, well, terrifying. Although the movie is set in Chicago, the bathroom and the creepy space behind the mirror are a huge part of the story.


"My landlord's getting a real fun phone call tomorrow," Samantha says in a sing-song voice as she places the mirror back into its original spot.

Excuse us while we go check behind our mirror (and any other nook or cranny, TBH).