1stDibs and Female Design Council Join Forces for a Special Collection

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To celebrate Women's History Month, 1stDibs and the Female Design Council (FDC) — an action-orientated organization dedicated to providing community for all female-identifying designers — are teaming up to release a curated collection.

It includes more than 30 new exemplary works made by woman designers, artists, and craft makers. The collection "honors the magic of womxn as they balance art, family, and studio practices to make transformative work," according to a press release.

Included are works from a variety of different mediums such as textiles, ceramic, iron, glass, gold leaf, porcelain, mirror, and brass.

"It is a privilege to champion womxn in design and creativity," said Lora Appleton, founder of the FDC. "By partnering with companies like 1stDibs, we are given the resources to create opportunities to help womxn sell their work and expand their client network."

Check out some pieces by the artists included in the collection below and see the full selection here.

Molly Purnell and Rachel Bullock of LAUN

Molly Purnell and Rachel Bullock are architects and designers specializing in locally made and contemporary outdoor furniture. The two founded LAUN, a Los Angeles based design company, in 2017. Both Purnell and Bullock have backgrounds in architecture, woodworking, and metal fabrication.

Corinna Warm of Studio Warm

Under the direction of founder Corinna Warm, Studio Warm creates elegant and contemporary design pieces that embody simplicity and exemplary craftsmanship. The pieces shown above are polished two-tone brass, stainless-steel nesting tables. Warm creates distinctive and high-end pieces perfect for any interior home space.

K'era Morgan

K'era Morgan's collage paintings include paper sourced from magazines, newspapers, and books, as well as hand-painted paper along with her own mark-making. Morgan also collaborates with one of the few remaining American mills to transform her multimedia pieces into colorful woven throw blankets, pillows, and tapestries for home interiors.

Erin Lorek

Erin Lorek, founder of LOREKFORM studio, has dedicated her life's work to studying the way light applies its narrative to the world around her. The Brooklyn-based studio works with a small team of artists and makes from across the country to create simple objects from materials that are uniquely stunning, like the lamp chandelier seen above.

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