This Steamy SNL Sketch Totally Nails Our Love for Zillow

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Saturday Night Live​ premiered a sketch this weekend that you might want to watch with headphones on. The premise is totally everyday but the delivery is, well, kinda steamy.


If you're anything like us, browsing through real estate website Zillow is one of your favorite ways to pass the time. During the pandemic, we've especially been into seeing what certain prices could get us across the country. In the SNL sketch, actors talk about needing to spice up your routine and try something new. Then, we see shots of people with their computers and phones, some in bed and others sitting on their couch in the dark. The suggestive language, though, is all about getting lost in Zillow's listings.


"I'd never live in North Carolina," a sultry Dan Levy tells the camera while on the website. "But if I did, I could buy a ​big, gross​ mansion."

Oh dear. We totally get it.

That is, of course, until we end up with an agent on the phone — a phenomenon that the sketch captures perfectly. That feels ​too​ real. After all, the fantasy is what it's all about.

Excuse us while we go back to scrolling Zillow.