IKEA Released Its Most Amusing Chocolate Product Yet

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We love it when a new product combines our favorite things and IKEA's Belöning is no exception. Featuring three self-assembly pieces, Belöning is a $4.99 milk chocolate moose — not to be confused with a milk chocolate ​mousse​ — you get to build at home.


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"Go ahead, play with your food!" reads the product's description, adding that this three-ounce moose can either be eaten or used as a table decoration after assembly.

Aside from being a fun product for adults and kids alike, Belöning is also made of at least 30% UTZ-certified cocoa. As part of the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ is a certification program ensuring that foods like cocoa, coffee, tea, and hazelnuts have been sourced sustainably. Through UTZ, there's also a page where you can trace where IKEA's coffee and cocoa comes from — although the moose hasn't been listed yet, and the current listings have expired.

If you're looking for an interactive, quirky, tasty Valentine's Day gift for less than $5, Belöning is definitely the ticket. However, this product is not available online, so you'll have to grab one if you're already (safely shopping) in a retail store (or maybe you can DIY it?).