The Chateau Marmont's Iconic Candle Is BACK

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Candle obsessives know that there are just some candles on the market that all scent snobs are going to be into. Take Le Labo's Santal 33 or Maison Louis Marie's Bois de Balincourt.


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But top of the list for certain in-the-know candleheads has always been the Chateau Marmon's signature candle. The famed Old Hollywood hotel's unique scent has been tougher to find this past year. (I was desperately looking for one before Christmas and came up empty.) Weeelllll ... at some point recently, the Chateau revamped their online gift shop and the candles are now back in stock.


So, what makes this candle so unique? The soy-based candle features a blend of "spicy night-blooming flowers with a hint of vanilla." Fans love that you can burn this candle for hours without having an aroma slap you in the face — it lingers gently in a room and feels both comforting and sexy (much like the Chateau itself).

At $65 a pop, they're not the most affordable candles, but trust us — they're worth every penny and make fantastic gifts.