CB2's First-Ever Design Report Predicts 2021's "It" Color and Material

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Calling all design-driven data nerds — CB2 has just released its first-ever Next in Design Report, which not only predicts the biggest home trends in 2021 based on a survey of 900 interior designers, but also reviews what drove customers in 2020.


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One of the most interesting tidbits from the report is that mirrors were the most searched-for item that led customers to CB2.com. "With over 4 million searches, it reminded us that 2020 may not have been our year for travel, but was a big year of ​reflection​ for all of us, and a crowd-pleasing accessory for the home," CB2 said in a statement.

Similarly, leather was the most searched-for material that led people to the site "through a search engine" (1.8 million), and black and white were the most searched-for colors (2.2 million).


But enough with the old, and on to the new! CB2 determined four major trends that'll drive interior design in 2021:

  • The Iconic Self:​ Of the designers polled, 64% plan to incorporate bold statements into their projects this year, allowing for what CB2 calls "unapologetic self-expression."
  • Home 2.0:​ Many of the changes we made to our homes in 2020 were temporary, but as remote work continues into 2021 and beyond, home updates are going to become permanent (like a switch to not-so-open floor plans).
  • Optimism Is In:​ Color affects mood, so 62% of designers surveyed predict we'll see a surge in"uplifting, mineral-inspired hues" — like ochre, clay, olivine, and mercury — appearing in the home, compared to last year's trend of calming neutrals.
  • The Age of Aquarius:​ Saturn and Jupiter are in a new alignment in 2021, and that means we're all going to be more innovative than ever. Sustainability will be a key focus for consumers, meaning natural materials will be all the rage — 54% of designers predict stone will be the "it" material of the year.

Curious to know what else is in CB2's Next In Design report? Check it out here.


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