Etsy Predicts These Will Be the Top Valentine’s Day Gifts This Year

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Valentine's Day without a romantic outing might sound less than ideal, but you can still make the night special with a little bit of creativity. And this doesn't apply just to couples. Take the day to treat yourself or your friends — we could all use good vibes during this chaotic time.


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Etsy recently revealed the top gifts that people are searching for to get ready for the sweet day. There have been some significant increases in a few key areas (in the last three months, when compared with the same time frame in 2020).

Here are some of the top categories and Etsy's recommendations — along with some of our own picks.

1. In High Spirits Infuse The Speakeasy Infusion Kit, $20

Etsy reports that there was a 1,183% increase in searches for cocktail DIY kits. Make a quality drink for your special someone in lieu of going out to a bar.

2. Rulla Pulla DIY Complete Baking Kit Cardamom Braid, $25

Food-related DIY kits are also top of mind, with a 165% increase in searches.

3. Laura Botanicals Bath Bombs (set of 12), $21

Know someone that deserves a little relaxation? Searches for bath bombs and bath salts increased by 163%.


4. By The Way Shop Unisex Robe, $108.86

Image Credit: Etsy

Speaking of relaxation, we're still really interested in cozy things to wear at home. Searches for PJs spiked by 167% and we can totally see why.

5. Barkley and Wagz T-Shirt Set (Large), $44.99

What would we do without our furry friends? It only makes sense that searches for personalized pet items grew by 82%.

6. Vld Wood Studio Tealight Candle Holders (set of 2), $15.20

If you're looking to add a little magic to your space, consider some sweet decor. There was a 117% increase in Valentine's Day decor searches.


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