Boy Smells’ New Fleurshadow Scent Is Romance in a Candle Jar

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Boy Smells, everyone's favorite brand for Instagrammable candles, just released a new scent in time for Valentine's Day. As a part of the Hypernature Collection, the limited-edition Fleurshadow candle is meant to set the mood with its sweet floral aroma.


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The scent is made up of geranium blossoms, rose buds, violet, patchouli, incense, labdanum (a resin with an earthy fragrance), and benzoin (a resin reminiscent of vanilla). Altogether, Boy Smells describes this concoction as "a sensual shadowy show" that will help you embrace all the romantic vibes. It's perfect for celebrating love and self-love on Valentine's Day.


Fleurshadow is available as an 8.5 oz. candle in a reusable, metallic pink glass tumbler for $39. It also comes in a blush-colored ombre box that's ideal for gift-giving. But remember, this scent is limited-edition, so you'll want to get it while you can online and at select retailers.

Plus, if Fleurshadow isn't your cup of tea, you can explore the rest of the sense-awakening Hypernature series, which includes Rhubarb Smoke, Polyamberous, Neopêche, and Agua de Jardín.